The media must stop underestimating the severity of this illness

I can still remember the incredulous expression on my mother’s face as I tried to walk her through all the different precautions I knew she would have to take to protect herself from the coronavirus.

“Don’t go anywhere you don’t need to go,” I told her. “And when you do…

How I Changed My Mind

I used to think ‘an eye for an eye’ was fair and just, but I’ve seen enough to know it’s not

EEvery writer writes for different reasons. Some people write to inform. Others to vent. For many, writing is a hobby. For a select few, it’s a profession. For me, writing serves several different purposes, one of which is to act as a tool that I can use to refine my…

The true value of a thing is found in the stories it has to share

Regina sat stone-still in her grandfather’s throne listening to the frenzied roars of enraged citizens gathered outside the front gate. That’s it! Reveal yourselves! Show the world who you really are, she thought to herself.

A faint rasp tickled her ear — the sound of an intruder’s rusted iron lever…

If Biden becomes president, making modest overtures to moderates would serve his governing interests

If Joe Biden wins the presidential election, there are three ways he can choose to handle the enormous partisan divide that has torn this country apart over the last several years.

The first option is to ignore it, which he should not and — judging by what we know of…

D.A. Kirk

Outer space enthusiast. Japanese history junkie. I write about politics, culture, and mental illness. Disagreement is a precursor to progress.

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