I agree with most of these picks, but I'm not sure about the Trump kids being "losers." That's applies especially to Ivanka.

Rightly or wrongly, physical beauty counts for a lot. She's very pretty, and that alone will help her find some degree of success down the road, I think.

Secondly, she might actually have a future in politics. I could see her trying to parlay her experience working for her dad into a successful Senate run. And to be honest, I could even see Don Jr. possibly doing the same thing (or at least flirting with the idea of it).

Eric Trump seems like the one in the worst position. He's not as charming as his sister, nor as clever as his brother. He'll probably have to rely on dad for some financial help for a while (assuming the funds are there).

I think the most realistic worst-case scenario is that they get exiled from NY City, flee to a deep red state, and pick up a few bucks doing speeches and writing memoirs. That would be a much more modest lifestyle than any of them would prefer, but it would at least be tolerable.

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