“…I find differences in opinion refreshing.”

Me too! I think maybe that’s why these “call outs” leave a sour taste in a lot of people’s mouths, to be honest. To folks like you and I, a disagreement can be an opportunity to learn something new about the world, about the other person, and even about yourself. Now of course there are some disagreements that just can’t be resolved peacefully. We all have certain principles that we just can’t compromise, and that’s to be expected. That being said, a lot of these “call outs” aren’t for the sorts of vile, nasty things that most decent people would condemn; they’re either for relatively trivial offenses that normally wouldn’t catch anyone’s attention, or they’re directed at young people who maybe do cross the line from time to time but don’t mean anything malicious by it. And sometimes they’re directed at people who haven’t done anything wrong at all.

“ Not everything has to be a battle. Gosh… it would be so exhausting if life was that way.”

I wish more people on the internet thought that way. The online world would be a lot more pleasant, peaceful and enjoyable than it currently is. Kudos to you for keeping things in perspective! :)

Outer space enthusiast. Japanese history junkie. I write about politics, culture, and mental illness. Disagreement is a precursor to progress.

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