I have to agree with this. The principal reason I wrote this article was to try and debunk the idea that one-party dominance is preferable to what we have now or have had in the past — a sometimes messy two-party system that I personally wish featured a little more variety. But I have to admit that I was a little tempted to spend more time challenging the notion that the GOP is on the verge of collapse. They’re not in great shape by any means — the ghosts of the Bush administration still haunt the party, and Trump’s presidency shows no signs of becoming any less controversial and divisive than it has been for the last one-and-a-half years — but it strikes me as more than a little bizarre to think that a party with as much power and control as the GOP has could lose it all in the blink of an eye. North Dakota isn’t California. Omaha isn’t San Francisco. For better or worse, they’ll continue to have a strong influence on state and local politics for a long time to come, even if they do get wiped out at the federal level over the next couple of years.

Outer space enthusiast. Japanese history junkie. I write about politics, culture, and mental illness. Disagreement is a precursor to progress.

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