“I’ve observed non-smokers who find inhaling fragrant water vapour more objectionable than second hand cigarette smoke.”

That’s quite surprising to hear! And a little odd, too. Most people I know find the scented vapors much more pleasant. A few of them are agnostic about it (meaning they don’t find either one particularly pleasant or annoying). But I don’t know anyone who thinks e-cig vapors are worse than actual smoke. Personally, I kind of enjoy the smell of the vapors. I don’t vape myself, but I have friends who do, so I get a fair bit of exposure to it.

Vaping is better than smoking, not-smoking is better than vaping. However, most vapers vape more than smokers smoke, if that makes sense. I think we’re getting more addicted to nicotine, not less! :) We aren’t fooling ourselves about it.”

This is an incredibly important point that I do think needs to be made more often. There does seem to be a misconception among some people that vaping is no big deal. But it can be, especially if you’re using nicotine e-liquids. I think if the industry made a better effort at reminding people in no uncertain terms that vaping does carry certain risks with it, they’d be under less scrutiny than they currently are here in America.

“ It’s become a hobby for a lot of people. When vapers get together we talk about the kits we use, favourite flavours, ‘mods’ etc.”

Same thing is happening here in the US. We’ve got cigar clubs, whiskey clubs, and now vaping clubs. It’s definitely growing into a vibrant culture all its own. And to be honest, I mostly see it as a positive development. I know quite a few smokers who have embraced that culture specifically because it has dissuaded them from ever going back to real tobacco products, and that’s a good thing as far as I can tell.

“It’s cold in the UK!”

Haha! I understand. I visited once some years ago. I absolutely loved it, but I admit that I wasn’t expecting it to be as cold and cloudy as it was while I was there, and I immediately regretted not packing more sweaters lol.

“ In my opinion, it’s representative of how society reacts to the introduction of new technology. Would be an interesting article for you to write in future.”

That would be a fascinating topic to dive into. I will have to ponder that one. Thank you for the suggestion, and for taking the time to read and comment!

Outer space enthusiast. Japanese history junkie. I write about politics, culture, and mental illness. Disagreement is a precursor to progress.

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