Well you touched on a few different subjects in this post, but I just wanted to briefly respond to two of them.

  1. Gun control: I mostly agree with you on that one. I do think there are a few relatively mild regulations we could put in place to at least reduce the odds of future mass shootings, such as “gun violence restraining orders,” expanded background checks, and a ban on bump stocks (which looks like Trump is already on top of). I don’t agree with the AWB, though. It didn’t make any real difference the first time around, and I doubt it would now. And if/when it fails to do what it’s intended to do, the next logical step is to go after handguns. Any kind of handgun ban would be a de facto repeal of the 2nd amendment, which I most definitely do not support.
  2. I’m glad you brought up the topic of mentioning the shooters’ names. Personally, I suspect that most of these shooters are driven more by mental illness than anything else, so we might have some disagreement there. But regardless of their motivations, it seems obvious to me that the excessive attention we give these guys can only increase the odds of another shooting happening again, which is why I usually do the same thing you did here and refrain from mentioning their names at all. I wish professional media outlets would follow suit, if not right from the start, then at least once all the relevant information has been passed along to the public and there’s nothing new to be learned about the shooters themselves.

Outer space enthusiast. Japanese history junkie. I write about politics, culture, and mental illness. Disagreement is a precursor to progress.

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