You’re quite welcome! And I can relate. I started smoking because I was desperate for any kind of relief I could find for my mental illness. Smoking gave me a nice buzz the first time I did it (as it typically does for everyone), so I kept going back to it until I was hooked for good. I quit a few years ago, though I didn’t use a vaping device or anything. However, I know quite a few people who have, including a few who struggle with OCD, depression, and/or bipolar disorder. That’s a big reason why I felt compelled to write this in the first place. Dealing with mental illness is hard enough on its own, but lots of people with mental illness also struggle with addiction, as I’m sure you’re aware. If vaping can help make that battle at least a little easier for the people who are struggling, I consider it a moral imperative to make sure it’s available to them.

Outer space enthusiast. Japanese history junkie. I write about politics, culture, and mental illness. Disagreement is a precursor to progress.

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